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3 Fool Proof Tactics to Recruit Top Agents

As a real estate broker, selling houses is not your only goal. Recruiting top agents is another important task that’s on your mind. Recruiting top performing agents will benefit your brokerage. We all know that if they do well, you do well. Agents have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the brokerage they want to work with, it’s almost like a kid in a candy store. But, if you want to Continue Article

Lone Wolf Business Tips: How to Read Your Financial Statements

Lone Wolf Business Tips is a series of business ideas and concepts that are designed to advise a manager or broker/owner on quick actions that can have a significant benefit in a real estate brokerage operation. Your financial statement is the roadmap to your financial health. Read it like you were heading somewhere. You don’t go on a trip without planning your route and tracking your progress. Continue Article

3 Ways Real Estate Agents are Better than FSBO

For Sale By Owner (FSBO), is very popular in the millennial market. Sellers are technologically savvy and want to save on the commission but the ride might be bumpier than anticipated. We have heard it, we have seen it and I have written about it. But, there are some people who still prefer to take the FSBO route. Wondering how to persuade the sellers to choose a real estate professional? A recent Continue Article

Are your Agents Truly Productive?

As a real estate broker, it can be difficult to evaluate an agent's performance. With brokerWOLF's Agent Performance Report, learn to identify relevant metrics on specific agents and gain deep insight into their true performance. Things like Gross Commission, Income Earned and Income Projected will be at your fingertips. Check out how this report can help you make educated decisions with your brokerage. Continue Article

The Value of your Value Proposition

How do you recruit new agents? How do you keep the ones you’ve got? Just as agents need to prove their worth to their broker, brokers needs to prove their worth to the agents. Here are three ways to you can use back-office data to strengthen your value proposition: 1. Insight Show your agents how much money they’ve made this year compared to last. Email them their expense statements so Continue Article

What’s the Difference Between an Amateur and a Professional Real Estate Agent?

Professionalism is not a status. It’s not a title. It’s not a business card. Professionalism is an ethos, an action, a way of life. You define your professionalism. The economy, the market, the weather—these are things you can’t control. The only thing that you have complete control of is yourself. Every day you define your professionalism. It’s in the way you wake up, get dressed. Continue Article

Real Business is Personal and Authenticity Lasts a Lifetime

I filmed at a business innovation conference a few years ago. The conference was run by MBA students from a prestigious Canadian university and attended by prominent business people from all over North America. I was paid by the MBA students to film the conference. That included all the keynotes, some of the breakout sessions, and all of the fancy snack and alcohol consumption. I was a one-man crew, Continue Article

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Webinars

In this rapidly changing world, it is important to stay ahead of the game and continue to educate yourself. How many of us have had to learn a new skill or software to stay updated with current trends? How many times have you searched on Google and learned how to work with a particular software? How often have you been invited to attend a webinar regarding this software? How many times have you ignored Continue Article

3 Things to Be Mindful of Heading Into A Busy Spring/Summer Market

As the trees and flowers begin to blossom, so does the housing market. Are you ready to make the most of the busy season? Here are 3 things to be mindful of this spring and summer to help you maximize your earning potential. Connect with Gen Ys Do you know that Gen Ys will account for nearly one-third of all homebuyers this year? Providing great customer service to this younger generation of Continue Article