New Real Estate Industry Partnership Aims to Further Connect the Industry

  Enhancing connectivity in the real estate industry and enabling clients to engineer a healthy eco-system of technology has always been a goal of ours. Today, we are one step closer to reaching this goal as we announce a partnership with BackAgent, a service provider of intranet and transaction management solutions for the real estate industry. Check out the official release here! Continue Article

Your Blog and Creating Content That Will Serve You in the Future

As a real estate agent, the idea of starting a blog and finding the time to keep it up-to-date may be very overwhelming. On one hand, a blog can be an integral part of your marketing plan and can help you to build your own brand as an agent. On the other hand, blogging can also often become a time consuming activity. As a busy agent, you may question the amount of time that you spend keeping your blog current if you’re not seeing results. Continue Article

NAR Recap!

Thank you1
The Wolf Den is buzzing with excitement after a fantastic week at NAR! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, we always love catching up with familiar faces and meeting new people! Check out some of the highlights from the show below: Continue Article

Getting Started with WOLFconnect Mobile

WOLFconnect mobile
From client meetings to weekend showings, agents are needed everywhere, all at once. With WOLFconnect mobile agents can: accept or decline new leads access all of their business or client contacts check out their listings track upcoming showings and open houses It's not easy to be everywhere at once, but with WOLFconnect Mobile it's possible! Continue Article

Keeping Up with Technology – Where does your business stand?

Transaction Management
Each day, technology changes and keeping up can be a challenge.  Not only do brokers have to determine which technology works best for their agents, they have to deal with the competing needs and preferences of clients. Statistics from the Real Estate in a Digital Age report found that the use of online information such as website listings and photos were more effective when marketing to Millennials Continue Article

AM Open House is a simple and effective app for open house management

am open house
  We are happy to announce that AM Open House listing data can now be powered by Lone Wolf. The app now integrates with the Listings Module in WOLFconnect, automatically syncing listing data into the app.  Agents no longer have to enter the listing which makes it an attractive option for Lone Wolf clients who use AM Open House. AM Open House is a free app for iOS and Android that Continue Article

News from NAR

NAR kicks off today and the Wolf Pack already has exciting news to share with you – take a look! New Partners for Lone Wolf’s Transaction Management Integration Program Lone Wolf’s Transaction Management Integration Program is facilitating the various ways agents submit transactions and documents. The Program serves the diverse needs of the office and connects the industry for more streamlined Continue Article

Agent Recruitment: How to Spot a Gem

Great explorers know how to find the hidden gems. As a broker, recruiting agents is much the same. How can you spot a gem from a fake? How do you sift through the sediment of a crowded industry to spot and attract gold? It helps to look for certain qualities, much like a gem hunter digs through and filters the rocks in search of treasure. If you see these 6 qualities, you know you’ve found Continue Article

An Engaged Agent is a Happy Agent – Using WOLFconnect to Increase Employee Engagement

When you built your brand you did so with your external audience in mind. Now, it is just as important to build your brand internally. This means providing an appealing and engaging work environment. When an employee feels engaged, they are more likely to be committed to the organization’s overall goals and values. The same can be said for real estate professionals. Continue Article