How to Write a Real Estate Blog

Why should I write a blog? I’d share some stats about how important it is to write a blog, but there’s simply too many to choose from. Check out this list for 45 reasons to blog. In a nut shell, blogging builds trust with your readers which in turn helps convert leads to deals. Can I pay someone to do it for me? You can pay someone to write your blog, absolutely. Someone with SEO knowledge, Continue Article

Continuous Learning – The Secret to Dominating the Real Estate Industry

Continuous Learning – The Secret to Dominating the Real Estate Industry
You spent the majority of the first 20 years of your life in some form of a classroom, trying to cram as much knowledge as possible to get prepared for the real world. And then suddenly, as if to signal the end of your potential, it stops. You’ve learned all you can learn. Now, go try to make something of yourself. When you stop to think about it, the concept seems a little bizarre. The world Continue Article

Create Real Estate Listings That Sell

Most real estate transactions start with listing a property. Listing is the first step in a buyer's journey and it is essential to intrigue them. In one of our previous blogs, we featured The Ultimate Guide to Writing Killer Real Estate Listings. A foolproof guide to writing the best real estate listing, which will help you take the first initial steps in the right direction. A recent blog Continue Article

3 New Video Technologies that Can Transform Your Real Estate Listings

Video is always evolving. It’s an exciting time in the industry, though I’m sure the daily barrage of camera updates is just added noise in the real estate soundscape. There have, however, been a few notable advancements in video technology that you should pay attention to. These are advancements that can yield immediate and long-term results for the proactive, digitally-inclined brokerage. Let’s Continue Article

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Leads

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Leads
Of all the social networks online today LinkedIn stands out as the top destination for professional interactions. Having the reputation as the go-to site for those looking for jobs, it’s actually much more than that. LinkedIn has morphed into a powerful platform to connect professionals, including those in the real estate field. Getting your profile whipped into shape and ready to capitalize on Continue Article

How to Combat FSBO

Real estate is competitive and ever evolving. It is hard enough competing with other brokerages but now the homeowners have entered the market to sell their property! For Sale By Owner (FSBO), is getting increasingly popular because of the ease to market the property and the ability to save on the commission cost. FSBO looks easy and the perks appear very tempting but looks can be deceiving. A Continue Article

Real Business is Personal and Authenticity Lasts a Lifetime

I filmed at a business innovation conference a few years ago. The conference was run by MBA students from a prestigious Canadian university and attended by prominent business people from all over North America. I was paid by the MBA students to film the conference. That included all the keynotes, some of the breakout sessions, and all of the fancy snack and alcohol consumption. I was a one-man crew, Continue Article

Marketing Tips For Turning Your Agents Into Marketers

You’re a real estate broker, an entrepreneur at heart. One of the most rewarding things about being an entrepreneur is passing your knowledge and lessons learned on to other entrepreneurs (your agents) and seeing them succeed. Much of this success as you know, comes from the ability to successfully market yourself. Here are a few of my favourite secrets on how to successfully market yourself that Continue Article

Lone Wolf Business Tips: Agent Complaining About Fees?

Business tips
Lone Wolf Business Tips is a series of business ideas and concepts that are designed to advise a manager or broker/owner on quick actions that can have a significant benefit in a real estate brokerage operation. If your agent is cutting their commissions and not making enough income, don't let it become your problem.  When an agent comes to you to complain about the fees that you charge Continue Article

Know Your Audience

Social media has become an integral part of the real estate industry. It is important to understand your audience and engage with them right off the bat. Did you know there are 2.3 billion active social media users and nearly 80% of social media time now is spent on mobile devices? Social media, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram gives you an opportunity to reach your audience’s pocket at any Continue Article