5 ‘Non-Real Estate’ Books That Can Make You Better at Selling Real Estate

Maybe you’ve read real estate classics like Tom Ferry’s “How To Master The Art Of Listing & Selling Real Estate” or Gary Keller’s “Millionaire Real Estate Agent“. But what about other books that aren’t really real estate specific?  Here are our picks on what we think are must reads for real estate professionals. “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” – Dan Kennedy Start Continue Article

Vector Images: What are they and why do you need to use them?

When you build your website or are creating a billboard advertisement, designers will request vector images. But what is a vector image, and why do we want one? Designers prefer working with vector images  because vectors are extremely versatile and able to be resized. In other words, vector images will allow your logo, headshots and advertisements look good no matter what size they are! But what Continue Article

Challenge Yourself to Inspire Creativity

We develop rules because they regulate our behavior and keep us safe. That's the problem: safe is not in any way creative. Pull out a thesaurus and you’ll see that safe is synonymous with ‘guarded’ while creative is synonymous with ‘inspired’ and ‘original’. Continue Article