WHY You Should Twitter

For those of you who have twitter and are actively using it, congratulations! For those of you who need some guidance as to how to go about doing it, then this is a great place to start! If you would like to learn more about the purpose of twitter and how you can utilize it for your business then keep reading!

Twitter, as many of you know, is a social media platform that only allows you to post 140 characters or less. Originally they chose 140 character limit to make Twitter compatible with mobile phones and text messaging. Now they have kept the limit to encourage the tweets to be as concise and creative as possible.

How can Twitter help your business?

  1. Develop and promote your brand.
  2. Help increase event awareness and build a buzz for it.
  3. Share content you have created, such as videos, webinars, blog posts etc.
  4. Develop relationships with your customers.
  5. Generate sales leads.
  6. Offer customer service and support.

If you don’t have a Twitter account your username and password is very important. The name you choose will be how people refer to you on Twitter, also known as your “handle” (see Useful Twitter Vocabulary A). For example, as Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, we chose GetLWolf, which is the same username for our Facebook and YouTube accounts as well.

Once you have your account, it is important to personalize it before you start interacting with and following people (see Useful Twitter Vocabulary B & C). You can click on “Edit Your Profile” which will allow you to upload a picture, add your website, blog, LinkedIn profile, and biography (see Useful Twitter Vocabulary D). Having an updated profile will make it much more likely to be followed back once you follow someone.

If you would like to follow Lone Wolf, you can find us @GetLWolf, we are actively trying to increase our followers while sharing relevant industry content as well as Lone Wolf content that will help your business.

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter to learn how to optimize the use of your new Twitter account!

Useful Twitter Vocabulary

  1. Twitter “Handle”- This is also known as your username.
  2. Followers – A person who has subscribed to receive your updates. You can view your total number of followers on your Twitter profile page.
  3. To Follow – By clicking the “follow” button on that specific person’s twitter page you will receive their updates on your Twitter homepage.
  4. Profile Picture- Is also referred to as your avatar.

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