Things Your Clients Should Consider When Purchasing a Home

Where should I start? This a common question a home buyer will reiterate when looking for their dream home. Does the house have a pool? How is the living space? As they walk up to the front door they ask themselves, “Could this house really be for me”?  I think one of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner makes during the buying process is that they think more about the home than the surrounding area. Encourage your clients to take some time to consider a few things besides that stone top island in the middle of the kitchen. Here is a list of important factors you should include when discussing the perfect home with your clients:

  • Nearby Establishments: Location, Location, Location. When you finally settle on your dream home, keep in mind that you can change the design of the home, but not your drive to work. Make sure that you keep the distance of recreational facilities, schools, grocery stores, and that Starbucks you so desperately need in the morning, within close proximity. May not seem like a big deal at first, but your time and money (gas is not cheap) can potentially create a stir with your living habits.
  • Nearby Home Values: So you love the house, but is the price worth it? Make sure before deciding on your dream home that you take a look at home values in that neighborhood or even nearby neighborhoods. You may have your heart set on that house with the beautiful view, but you may find more affordable option in the neighborhood a few streets away.  You may also find that buying the most expensive property in your area may be a mistake. With property at the lower end of value in a neighborhood, the chance of appreciation is much greater.
  • Crime Rates: Common sense would tell us that a neighborhood would be safe or not, however it is always good to pull up reports on crime statistics for safety of your home and the people you love.  Having low crime rates in a specific territory can help with the cost of home and car insurance. This will also create a peace of mind that will make you appreciate the area you live in that much more.
  • Cost of Living: One of the most important factors when a consumer is looking to purchase a house, especially if they are relocating, is the cost of living. Whether you are deciding to accept a new job or just looking for a change, you should determine how the move will affect your wallet.

If you would like to learn more on how Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies can help you with these features to increase selling potential, please contact us at 1-866-CRY-WOLF. Keep in mind that the more your consumers know, the easier it will be for them to make an educated, buying decision. Happy Selling!

Kellan Stephens

Kellan Stephens

Kellan is the Western Regional Sales Manager. Kellan joined the Wolf Pack in 2011 and he enjoys working with clients and creating solutions for their office. Outside of work, Kellan is an avid runner and outdoorsman.
Kellan Stephens

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