Help! I’m Writing a Blog – Tips For Your Real Estate Blog

We have all been through this situation before. You are busy dealing with clients, kids, your dog that made a mess on your kitchen floor. Your blog has not been updated for a week now and you are really struggling to come up with some fresh content to add to it. Your brain is just not functioning right and the 8 cups of coffee you drank today is not serving its purpose. I get it! Here are a few tips to help overcome your brain exhaustion and get you through your next great blog.

  1. Ask Your Co-Workers – More than likely there will be a few fellow real estate agents in your office that have blogs themselves. Ask for their advice!
  2. Get out of your office – Get some fresh air people! Do you have a place that you like to take your kids (maybe a park) or have a favorite hiking/walking trail that you enjoy? Sometimes the worst place to be is in front of your desk.
  3. Keep your eyes and ears open – Whether you are waiting in a grocery store line, at a sporting event, or happy hour, always be involved with the conversations around you. You may end up hearing a conversation that strikes your interest.
  4. Ding Ding!….Write it down – Don’t think that your great idea will stay in your head after your open house. If you think of something, make note of it.
  5. Ugh, Google Maybe? – Doing some research always helps. Remember the saying “Just put some Windex on it” from the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. The dad would always tell people to put Windex on things to make them feel better. Well, Google works the same way for advice.

Keep these tips and tricks top of mind when tackling your next real estate blog! What’s your blog writing routine? Leave a comment below.

Kellan Stephens

Kellan Stephens

Kellan is the Western Regional Sales Manager. Kellan joined the Wolf Pack in 2011 and he enjoys working with clients and creating solutions for their office. Outside of work, Kellan is an avid runner and outdoorsman.
Kellan Stephens

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  • Kernick Homes

    Short but nice tips! From my point of view if people are write the blog on real estate if they are connected with real estate field, then I think they write nice blog compare to general bloggers! what you say?

  • @kernickhomes:disqus You’re absolutely right! It’s definitely beneficial to write about something you are familiar with! From an online search perspective, its great for real estate professionals to write articles based on their own on local attractions, events and general news.