WEBINAR: Get Past the Hype – Brokerage tech you actually need!


Feel out of touch with modern technology? You do? What you are feeling is called tech envy.

The world is changing. Innovation is everywhere. The real estate industry is no different. Whether or not your brokerage leverages the latest technologies makes the difference on whether or not your brokerage can generate leads and recruit and retain quality agents. With a new technology invented every day, it can be overwhelming to discern which technologies you actually need.

Tech envy is a complex problem that results in many brokerages adopting a multitude of non-collaborative and sometimes unnecessary technologies that lead to inefficiencies and lost productivity. The secret? Focus on utilizing technologies that support the core operations of your brokerage. You do not need every new app or tool. Register for our webinar here to find out what technologies you actually need.

In our webinar you will:

  • Understand the common problems associated with operating piecemeal technology and how to ensure they don’t derail your business
  • Discover which areas of your business can benefit most from tech investments
  • Understand how the right technology can drive revenue, improve productivity and deliver a better customer experience.
Yo Wang

Yo Wang

Demand Generation Coordinator at Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies
Yo is the Demand Generation Coordinator at Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. Since 2011, Yo has worked in the Technology, Service, Financial, Academic and Health Sectors. Outside of work Yo likes to play soccer, hockey, tennis and learn Mandarin Chinese.
Yo Wang

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