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Is Recruitment Just a Numbers Game?

A new recruit sits in your office. Energetic, eager, Apple Watch. You’ve done your research. You know his numbers. And yet, projecting his success is as fruitless as forecasting the weather. He may be sharp today but what about tomorrow? How does he handle stress? Will he be respected by his peers? How long until he ‘burns out’? To paraphrase Socrates, you only know that you don’t know. This Continue Article

Take Control with your Smartphone

It’s all about technology and convenience these days. I know it’s hard to juggle multiple things in this fast paced life but with technology, it’s never been easier. We now have technology and tools not to help us with almost any task. One such tool we all have is our cell phone – a tool that allows us to start, manage and finish any task instantaneously. Jonathan Deesing on the Housecall Continue Article

Lone Wolf Business Tips: Protect Your Broker’s License

Lone Wolf Business Tips is a series of business ideas and concepts that are designed to advise a manager or broker/owner on quick actions that can have a significant benefit in a real estate brokerage operation. When it comes right down to it, the broker is responsible for the trust account. It is amazing to imagine how many brokers run a business with so much money changing hands, agents Continue Article

5 Amazing Proverbs on Business Insight

Running a business is like flying a plane. You’re the pilot. You’re trained, experienced. And you’ve got dozens or hundreds of people on board putting their future in your supposedly capable hands. You’re responsible for these people (not to mention yourself!), so you need to know what’s going on with your plane at all times. Any failure on your part might have serious consequences for Continue Article

Google’s Pixel and Daydream Can be Game-Changing for Real Estate Video and Photography

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how the new iPhone 7 could help DIY real estate professionals improve their listing videos and photography. Well, it seems only fair that we do the same for the new Google phone—Pixel. What unique ability does Pixel offer real estate professionals? Is it a worthy competitor for the iPhone? Does it have a headphone jack? What the heck is Daydream? Get all these Continue Article