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Is Your Brand Unforgettable?

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In one of our previous blogs, we discussed what a brand is and why it is important. We know that a brand creates different perceptions and that you can control the perception of your brand in the client’s mind. The key is to create a place for your brand in your clients’ mind that can’t be replaced. In other words, the key is the make your brand unforgettable. According to this blog by Katharina Continue Article

What Is A Brand and Why Is It Important?

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Between tradeshow speeches, product pitches and feature articles you might be sick of hearing the word brand. Maybe you’ve heard it so many times by now that it doesn’t even register – it’s all about your brand; your brand should attract top agents; does it align with your brand? The popularity of the subject alone alludes to its importance in the real estate industry but do you really know Continue Article

Tips for Real Estate Website Building

When you are looking into building a company website, it is extremely important to first know what you are trying to achieve with the website you want designed. Having a specific “niche” for your website will be a very important factor when turning a “good” website into a “great” website. Continue Article