What to Look for in Real Estate Back Office Software

What to Look for in Real Estate Back Office SoftwareWelcome to the 1st edition of The Back Office Blog (B.O.B.) – What to look for in back office software. In the ever evolving world of real estate there has always been one constant and that’s the financial viability and cost effectiveness to be a successful brokerage. When starting a new brokerage or analyzing your existing operations your first thought will often be “how can I save money and reduce my costs?” Here are the top ten recommendations on what you should look for in a back office software solution to answer these two very important questions.

  1. Accurate information and report tracking
  2. Analysis of budgets and actual financial numbers
  3. Listing Inventory
  4. Trade/Transaction processing
  5. Agent Management
  6. Accounts Payable
  7. Financial Statements
  8. Staff Payroll
  9. Agent Expenses and Commission
  10. Reconciliation of General Bank Accounts

Be sure to check in for the 2nd edition of The B.O.B – What to look for in back office software; where we’ll break down each of these items providing a detailed overview of brokerWOLF, and how it can help you achieve your financial and company goals.

Ryan Kinsella

Ryan Kinsella

Ryan is the Client Development Sales Representative in the globalWOLF Division at Lone Wolf. He is a specialist in client and relationship management and continues to expand his public speaking appearances for Lone Wolf. Ryan is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys applying the competitive nature of a hard fought game to his business practises.
Ryan Kinsella

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  • Kate

    Hi Ryan, great information. How would I go about finding out pricing for your BrokerWolf? Kate

    • Hello Kate,
      I would suggest dropping an email to sales@lwolf.com asking that question and they’ll be able to get you some info on it.