Wolf Bytes Video Series: How to Maximize Your Mobile Listings

It’s a fast paced “go go go” world and many of us use our smartphones and tablets as a primary means of accessing and organizing information. Our devices are usually no more than an arm’s reach away at all times and we use them for just about everything from snapping photos, communicating, social networking, entertainment, financial planning and yes – searching for the perfect home.

Last year Realtor.com uncovered some interesting stats. More than half of all page views on listings in the United States occurred on a mobile device instead of a desktop computer. A mobile user is likely to submit up to five times as many property inquires as a desktop user. In general mobile traffic accounts for 15% of all internet use globally.

Something to think about to ensure you are providing your clients with a great mobile experience when they view your listings is to simplify how you’re presenting the information. Highlight your key details that will grab a potential buyer’s attention and make it easy to either view photos, a virtual tour, or request more information from you. You also never know when someone might share your content on a social media channel like Facebook or Twitter which many people are accessing multiple times a day on their phones.

Do you have any tips for enhancing mobile listings? Leave a comment below!

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