How to Optimize Twitter for Your Business

From last month’s Why You Should Twitter we learned how Twitter can be a useful tool for your business and how to go about opening up an account. This month we will be discussing how you should actively participate in the online discussions.

Now that you have been exposed to Twitter for about a month, we can start planning a strategy for your business. What should you tweet about? Here are a few suggestions for topics/ideas that you can start with.


  1. Videos/Articles – Anything that you find interesting, share it with your followers!
  2. Events – Are you attending a trade show or sponsoring an event? Let others know when and where it is!
  3. Content – If you or your company has a blog share an article.
  4. Chat with Clients – You can direct messages by using “@” before their handle (see Useful Twitter Vocabulary A)
  5. Re-tweet Other’s Tweets – this repeats a tweet for your followers to read as well (see Useful Twitter Vocabulary B)
  6. Offer customer service and support.

Remember – never tweet anything you wouldn’t say at a networking event! What you say is displayed for all to see, and even if you delete it there is still potential for it to be found.

Useful Twitter Vocabulary

  1. @USERNAME – By placing @ before a Twitterer’s username you send a public message from you to them.
  2. Re-tweet – is also referred to as “RT” or “Retweet” which is at the beginning of the message or clicking Twitter’s Retweet button.

Next Month’s Article will be on Who you should Follow and How to get Followers.

Stefanie Setacci

Stefanie Setacci

Stefanie Setacci is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Lone Wolf. She writes and acts in Tech Tips, engages clients through Social Media, manages the blog and works on all email communications. She loves to travel the world and learn as much about social media as she can!
Stefanie Setacci

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