Debunking Common Social Media Myths

The world of social media can seem like an intimidating territory to navigate when you’re just getting started. A social media presence has almost become a requisite for all businesses; since that is where their client base interacts daily it’s a way to connect in real time – anytime.  Before you get too overwhelmed with the vast resources of information available about how to grow your brand with social media lets “debunk” some common social media myths that may be holding you back from establishing your social media strategy.

Myth #1– Social Media is FREE

While many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus are free to use, the time that you will be investing into growing your business on those networks will require an investment of both time and money. Depending on the size of your business, and your social media strategy your cost for social media marketing will vary. Are you going to manage yourself? What is your time worth? Should you hire someone? These are important questions to consider.

Myth #2 – I don’t have thousands of followers, therefore social media won’t work for me

FALSE! Fewer followers that are your target audience are more helpful than miscellaneous followers in spreading news about your brand or business and interacting with you.  It takes time to build a quality following base.  Develop your social media strategy based on organically acquiring your following base through the sharing of relevant content versus purchasing fake followers that will not generate any value for you. This is also often viewed as highly unethical. Don’t look for a quick fix!

Myth #3 – Tweet as much as possible

Twitter is social network made up of continuous short updates from its users. Keep in mind when developing your Twitter social media strategy that the quality of your messaging vs. the quantity should always come first. Your followers likely will not appreciate having their timeline flooded with a high volume of updates in a short time frame, and could choose to abandon following you. They may feel like they are being spammed, or that your content is a dime a dozen and not worth the read since you are posting everything and anything.  Focus on targeted relevant content that will interest your following base.

Myth #4 – Avoiding getting personal

It’s important to note that “getting personal” with your social media audience doesn’t mean you are necessarily sharing details about your personal life. Always be publishing content with your target audience in mind, but it doesn’t hurt to show the people behind your brand or company. Show off special events that took place at your company, a behind the scenes look or links to content that you find entertaining whether it be latest news or even a recent cat video that’s the talk of the web.

Myth #5- I don’t have enough content to post

The world of social media is fast moving and it can seem overwhelming to keep up. If you don’t have enough of your own content to publish an option is to share and source news articles or blogs that are related to your industry. Connecting yourself through social media with fellow colleagues in your industry is a great way to social media network, gain more followers and ultimately aligns yourself with other experts.  You can also re-share and re-promote past content/blogs by highlighting different pieces of information. The key though is to not over-share the article.

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Rebecca Patten

Rebecca Patten

By day Rebecca Patten is the Team Lead for the WOLFmedia division and by night a full time mom to her new baby girl. Prior to joining the “Wolf Pack” she spent 5 years in a variety of marketing communication and management roles.Any spare moment she has is spent with family, friends, her rescue animals, scrapbooking, cooking and adding to her places travelled map.
Rebecca Patten

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