Top 5 Weirdest Real Estate Regulations Across North America

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When starting a brokerage, it is important to be aware of the local real estate regulations. But don’t worry, these regulations are common sense…usually. Let’s countdown the 5 weirdest real estate regulations from all over North America that clearly do not subscribe to common sense.

5. Paranormal Policies from Coast to Coast

If you purchased a house in Quebec, New York, or many other states across the US, and were not informed about prior paranormal activity in your house, you can revoke your purchase. These types of laws are meant to protect home buyers and may include obligations for brokerages to report any natural or unnatural deaths that have occurred at the property. Intrigued by paranormal activity? Click here to see haunted properties near you!

4. Colour Control in Canada

Paint is a crucial decision for your new home. It gives character and is a home buyer’s first impression of a listing. However, few of us think about the legal ramifications of our favourite colour. If it happens to be purple then Kanata, Ontario might not be the place for you since it’s illegal to paint your garage doors that hue.

3. Water Wait in the Golden State

Water is a right, right? Not always. In Cambria, California, it’s a permit. There are 666 single-family properties waiting for a water permit. The water permit waiting list was closed in 1990 and new permits haven’t been granted since 2001.

2. Two Toilet Total on Waldron Island

Remember the enormous Baker family from the 2003 movie, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’? That massive family should not be moving to Waldron Island, Washington. In this small town properties are only allowed to have two toilets per building. Can you imagine the Baker family’s morning lineup to get to use the washroom every morning?

1. Females Forbidden in Missouri

Ok, not really. If you’re a woman and you want to rent an apartment in Missouri with one or two girlfriends, then go all out. But if you want to rent an apartment with three female friends (or your sisters) then you are breaking the law. The state believes you may be forming a brothel. Arkansas also has similar laws. So if your brokerage assists with property management in either Missouri or Arkansas, be sure to not inadvertently be charged for forming a brothel!

Do you know of any weird real estate regulations in North America that you think should be in our top 5? Please let us know if the comment section below!

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Yo Wang

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