Best Real Estate Articles of the Month: November


Another great month comes to an end and as usual, it’s time to share my favorite real estate articles of the month. Go ahead and give it a read. Is there a real estate blog that I should know about or an article I am missing? Let me know in the comment section below.

Is It Time to Join the Video Email Revolution?

by Seth Williams


Are you ready for the next big thing in real estate? Seth Williams tells you all about this new email revolution.

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Best Google+ Real Estate Articles October 2016

by Bill Gassett


As the title suggests here are the top blogs and articles on Google+ sourced specially for you by Bill Gassett.

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Why It’s Smart To Start A Real Estate Career At Any Age

by Paul Esajian


Paul Esajian does a great job explaining age is just a number while choosing a career especially a real estate career.

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Turning your Social Media Followers and Fans into Real Estate Buyers

by Jason Fox


Converting social media followers to leads has always been a hot topic. Here is a really cool article which explains how to convert these acquired followers into buyers.

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What Sets Apart Successful Real Estate Investors From Those Who Fail, Quit, or Never Get Started?

by Jered Strum


Here is a really great blog will enumerate the key characteristics of  a successful real estate investor. Jered does a fabulous job in telling us what sets these investors apart from the crowd.

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What to Do a Year Before Buying Your First Home

by Jennifer Nelson


Ready to buy a house or planning to buy one? Plan well in advance to avoid any nasty surprises when it’s the time to sign the dotted line. Here is a great article which helps first-time buyers prepare to make that investment.

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