How to Retain Top Talent in Real Estate Industry


Running a brokerage, like a well-oiled machine, requires time, effort and an efficient staff. Hiring the right people for your brokerage not only brings in money but also peace of mind. I have heard time and again how difficult it is for brokers to recruit and retain top talent in this competitive real estate market.  Hiring the best is hard! Staci Del Re from ERA Real Estate does a great job in illustrating six steps to attract top talent.

A recent case study by ERA Real Estate reveals the six steps essential to successful recruitment—talent attraction tips proven by the professionals who employ them each and every day.

Think like your prospect. What you find valuable about your brokerage may be very different than what a prospective sales associate may find valuable. Shake up your thinking on the reasons why affiliating would be beneficial and adapt a different mindset, so that you can best showcase the real attractive elements of your company.

Do a SWOT and evaluate your office. Take a step back and think about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in your local market. You may think you know, but actually putting pen to paper may uncover some new areas you haven’t thought of. Evaluating your current use of physical space in the office, as well as current per-agent productivity, are good first steps to determine what resources you actually need.

You can read the entire article here. Hiring the right agents is key to sustainable success because if your agents make money, you make money.

Annapoorna Shanbhag

Annapoorna Shanbhag

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