Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Are You Missing Out?

Oh no! I forgot to follow up with Mary!”

“When’s the last time I called Kevin? I wonder if his family found the home they have been looking for.”

There are several brokerages in the real estate industry that say that they are committed to their customer service, but when it comes down to it, applying it is another matter. Brokerages spend years trying to build their brand and name, but are they taking advantage of everything they have worked for? And with the customer base that you have built your entire life, what are brokerages doing to maximize those relationships to increase profit?

Sure a CRM is not easy to setup in the office. The majority of the time you will find that if it’s not easy, easy, easy, fast, fast, fast, agents will not adapt to it. In order for a CRM to be successful, it must have full support from all the departments, staff members, management, and even owners. If a brokerage is thinking about moving forward with a CRM software (which you should), here is some reasons that will make their decision easier.

What’s the benefit?

  • Increased sales through improved timing due to anticipating needs.
  • Understanding consumers’ requirements more effectively.
  • Being able to identify what consumers are profitable, and those who are not.
  • Target marketing which can improve on where to spend your company dollar.
  • Agent profitability. Wouldn’t you like to know how agents are treating leads???

What will this lead to?

  • Improved customer satisfaction and less retention
  • A great reputation in the marketplace that will continue to expand
  • Your overall efficiency will improve, which will save you both time and money (as an agent and broker).

In the real estate world, the importance of retaining previous clients and expanding business is vital. The more opportunities a client has to work with your company, the better.  Be sure to contact Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies at 1-866-CRY-WOLF to find out how we can help you maintain and build long lasting relationships. Happy Selling!

Kellan Stephens

Kellan Stephens

Kellan is the Western Regional Sales Manager. Kellan joined the Wolf Pack in 2011 and he enjoys working with clients and creating solutions for their office. Outside of work, Kellan is an avid runner and outdoorsman.
Kellan Stephens

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