Know Your Neighborhood – Be the Local Real Estate Expert

You have a lot of competition. There are over one million real estate agents competing in the marketplace. How will your voice be heard above the din?  The answer is niche marketing and it’s one of the best ways for you to stand out in the crowd.

Niche marketing is a real estate business strategy that focuses on being the expert, no, make that uber-expert, in a neighborhood or specific target area. The most obvious neighborhood is your own, but if it’s already overcrowded with competitors you can easily find another one, where homeowners can quickly become your target market.  Walking the neighborhood, knocking on doors and posting information are all low and no-cost methods of marketing to this niche.

So what do you need to know to become a neighborhood expert?  Obviously you need to know the local real estate market and by that I mean know every home,  when it was built, who was the builder, who owns it now, what did they pay for it and what is its current value, plus what were the recent transactions and what’s on the market now.  Next you’ll have to start accumulating a broad range of data about the neighborhood;  find out about the schools, the parks, and the rec centers;  find out about the HOA and who runs it; make it a point to meet the movers and shakers, decision makers and trend setters in the neighborhood;  find out about neighborhood events, local businesses, and local clubs and then, tailor your marketing messages leveraging this valuable data.

Another critical step in becoming a neighborhood expert is to develop a web presence that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise in the target market.  Our web site solution – globalWOLF – allows agents to easily control and manage all of the content on their web site including   building pages and adding content that can be specific to a neighborhood and then setting up and managing search engine optimization (SEO) to match organic searches to your site.  Your globalWOLF website is an excellent tool to let everyone know that your knowledge of a particular neighborhood is unsurpassed and that you will become a trusted resource that will deliver value to your target audience.

Tom Vail

Tom Vail

Tom is a Client Development Specialist here at Lone Wolf. Tom understands the big picture on technology goals and objectives. He has an extensive marketing, real estate, and web development background.
Tom Vail

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