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The latest version of our brokerWOLF RMS is 12.04.01. Please ensure you update your program on a regular basis.

When you log into your program, the login screen indicates whether a newer version of the program is available. Clicking on this link will take you to our website, however all users must be out of the program prior to updating.

You can review the Release Notes for that version prior to updating by logging into your Lone Wolf program, click on the ‘HELP’ drop-down menu and select Release Notes.  This will detail the changes in the versions so you can see if you would like to update right away.

To ensure that you have the latest changes relevant to your franchise and your government requirements, the system will now warn you if your version is more than three months out of date.  To ensure that you update, the system will revert to “read only” status if you do not update within four months after your last update.

Do you know what our version # represents? 12.01.01 represents YY.MM.# Of revisions. Therefore, 12.01.01 would be the first version of January 2012.

Clients with Lone Wolf Hosting are automatically updated. Do you want your brokerWOLF RMS to automatically update too? Email us at


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