brokerWOLF Reports Video Series: Net Worth Report (8.F.2)

Success comes from understanding the details of your business. Having access to reports that project those details is crucial to see what is happening with your company and how you plan for the future. Reports will assist you in achieving your business goals and ultimately the success of your brokerage.

The brokerWOLF back office management solution offers hundreds of reports to ensure that you always know the financial status of your company. Today, we look at 8.F.2. – Net Worth Report.

How do you know if an agent is truly profitable for your brokerage?

You may think that by looking at an agent’s earnings you would know their true value. However, to get a clear picture of what your agent is worth overall, you need to dig deeper than that.  Check out brokerWOLF’s Net Worth Report. This report looks at how much an agent is earning for you vs. how much it costs you to have them work at your brokerage. This puts a precise number on what they are worth to your business.  What you find may surprise you.

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