DPN: Is Your General Ledger Ready For Migration?

As you prepare for migration from DPN to brokerWOLF, it is important to make sure that your General Ledger is in order.  Taking the time up front paves the way for a smoother migration. Many of the migration programs use the Master Chart of Accounts AND the General Ledger Chart within the company. The Master Chart will be used to create the chart of accounts in brokerWOLF as it is the main account number without extensions.  The migration programs will check the general ledger accounts for activity within the migration period.

It is important that both charts be consistent meaning that accounts that are in the GL Chart MUST be in the Master. The account status must also match across both charts.  For example, if a company being migrated has an active general ledger account number with activity in the migration period and the Master Chart account is marked as inactive, this will cause challenges with the migration. When reviewing, review ‘main account’ to ‘main account’ – offices/departments may be inactive on the account and that is fine.  The migration will check for activity by office/department and we will alert you if you need to reactivate any office/department.  You will need to re-activate BOTH accounts.

It is important to check the field indicating if the account number is a balance sheet account or an income statement account. This is material to the migration. Correct the Balance Sheet Y/N settings appropriately.

Retained Earnings must be the highest account number (last) in the balance sheet range of accounts in brokerWOLF.  Since Retained Earnings is a control account on your system, we do NOT recommend changing this account number. If you have one or two accounts in your balance sheet numbered higher than Retained Earnings, you may want to look at setting up accounts with lower numbers and combining these accounts into the new account number.  If this is not feasible, the migration can assign a new retained earnings account for you as long as an account number is available between your highest (last) balance sheet account number and your first income/expense account number.

Two additional fields are required for the migration – “Normal Debit” and “Classification”.  If you currently use Financial Analyst, these fields are available and should be set.  Please review your chart of accounts to make sure there are no skips in these fields.  If you don’t use Financial Analyst, you will need to turn on a General Ledger Parameter option so these fields are accessible.  Set the fields on all accounts – you can leave the option turned on so the fields will be available if you need to add new accounts to your chart.

Control Numbers also should be reviewed. General Ledger accounts with required or validated settings will migrate to brokerWOLF as Project Codes. DPN limits the size of a control number to 7 alphanumeric characters while the brokerWOLF Project Code is a maximum size of 10 alphanumeric characters. This allows you to expand the size of your existing control numbers after migration.

Tip Sheets addressing the items mentioned above in more detail are available on www.lwolf.com/dpn under the “Preparing for Migration”+ section.  These tip sheets are: #10-Reviewing your Balance Sheet Accounts, #16-General Ledger Account Review, and #17-Reviewing General Ledger Account Scheduling.

Remember to always check the web site for the latest version of any tip sheet you have previously printed or downloaded to ensure you have the most up-to-date copy.  The revision date can be found at the bottom of the document.  Visit our website at www.lwolf.com/dpn for the Tip Sheets and other valuable documentation.  If you have questions or need assistance accessing any DPN specific documentation, please contact anyone in Customer Support at 800-955-3282 or email support@dpn.com.

Shelly Oliver

Shelly Oliver

Shelly Oliver is the Quality Assurance Coordinator for the DPN Division of Lone Wolf. She has worked with the DPN software and clients for 23 years.Shelly enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, going to the movies, and spending time with her family and friends.You can email Shelly at support@dpn.com
Shelly Oliver

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