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Canadian Payroll Recommendations
Please ensure you update your program from our website before processing your first payroll in 2011, and before you print your tax slips (9.5.4).

When processing your first staff payroll if any TD1 basic tax rates have changed you will be prompted to automatically update your staff that have the base tax credit amounts. Employees with overridden tax credit amounts will need to complete new TD1 forms to determine their tax rates. TD1 and Provincial Tax Credit amounts can be manually entered in on the Payroll screen in I.1.1.

T4/T4A Tips:

  • T4A forms have changed for 2010. Online forms are available at:
  • If you are issuing T4's and T4A's, the business number does not print on all copies. The instructions on the back of the T4A forms specify that you should not print your Business Number on the recipient copies.
  • If you are printing your agents tax forms (9.5.4), and nothing shows up for Fees Paid, go into E.1.3 and make sure that your fees have YES for the Deduct from T4A’s, or Deduct from 1099 field. Then double-check your Options have been setup correctly (9.5.4, bottom left hand corner).
  • For a detailed report to match to your agent tax slips, please print 9.5.7.

Please see the tutorials on our website or the instructions in the HELP menu for more information on preparing your tax slips.

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