An Informal Guide to Being Creative in Real Estate


Imagine a map with borders vs. no borders. If you picture it with borders all you see is the same old map. Take away the lines and everything’s different.

When you challenge the way you think about things, you encourage original thoughts. Original thoughts are necessary for original action. Because how you think about things is directly linked to how you do things.

Reproducing previous efforts is not original. Every new project needs a new approach. Doing things differently is what being creative is all about.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not the exclusive talent of a chosen few, but something we all have. The only difference between yourself and a ‘creative’ is that ‘creatives’ have learned to challenge how they think about things and in doing so have liberated themselves to pursue original action.

Here are some examples of how this might apply to real estate:

When you challenge the way you think about things, you’ll uncover a host of frivolous standards that have prevented you from doing original things.

So think original. And you’ll be original.

Nick Gaede

Nick Gaede

Nick is a Video Producer with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. He’s been writing, filming and editing videos since 2008. Nick enjoys spending time with his partner and two boys, as well as reading, writing and living a healthy, humble life.
Nick Gaede

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