3 Technology Changes Occurring In Real Estate—Right Now


The real estate tech world is changing. Are you changing with it?

These changes are affecting the consumer’s real estate experience, how agents interact with their clients and even, the way people live. These changes are a direct result of three distinct innovations.

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To summarize:

  • The new world is all digital, all the time.

The internet has supplanted all other delivery methods as the primary source of information-gathering and social media is fast becoming the go-to means of communication for consumers. Meanwhile, apps are deployed left right and center because of the freedom that smartphones provide their users.

  • Interactive experiences online allow viewers to transcend traditional time/space restrictions.

There are many trailblazers in this field – everything from 3D floor plans to virtual reality listing videos.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) offers groundbreaking financial benefit for the real estate industry in the near future.

Still a work in progress, the IoT is already affecting commercial real estate construction and building management. It’s yet to make a splash in the residential industry, but as smart homes continue to proliferate, the time for IoT is nigh.

As these changes occur, new tech products are released practically every day and appear to impact nearly every aspect of your daily work-life. With all this commotion, it’s virtually impossible to know and acquire all of the technology that you think you need.

So what’s the next step?

How do you reconcile feelings of tech inadequacy with your brokerage’s practical business requirements?

You need to focus on what’s really important.

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Nick Gaede

Nick Gaede

Nick is a Video Producer with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. He’s been writing, filming and editing videos since 2008. Nick enjoys spending time with his partner and two boys, as well as reading, writing and living a healthy, humble life.
Nick Gaede

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