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Are You in the Red or the Black?

How do you know if you are in the red or the black? brokerWOLF can tell you exactly where you stand using the break even calculator. It will also tell what you need to do to break even. Click on the link below and learn how to go from the red to the back. Continue Article

How Do You Spot Changes in the Market?

As a broker, you need to be aware of the changes in the market. Get these updates at anytime with brokerWOLF's Operations Summary Report. The Operations Summary Report gives you a snapshot of your listing and transaction production and much more. With a report this powerful, you will be able to keep an eye on the market and plan for the future. Click on the link to know more. You could also attend Continue Article

Are your Agents Truly Productive?

As a real estate broker, it can be difficult to evaluate an agent's performance. With brokerWOLF's Agent Performance Report, learn to identify relevant metrics on specific agents and gain deep insight into their true performance. Things like Gross Commission, Income Earned and Income Projected will be at your fingertips. Check out how this report can help you make educated decisions with your brokerage. Continue Article

How the iPhone 7 Can Improve DIY Real Estate Video and Photography

  Apple released the first iPhone eight years ago. Now it’s 2016 and we’re up to iPhone 7. Much has changed since the first version of the phone but not much has changed since the previous. Basically, the new iPhone is shinier, available in black, and will no longer support your primitive headphone wires. These updates don’t really impact real estate—outside of the fact that you’ll Continue Article

Introducing The Lone Wolf Support Center

support center screen
At Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, we don’t just sell products, we truly value our relationship with you. So much so, that we have launched an all new Support Center. Whether you are new to Lone Wolf or a long time customer, this amazing repository of information has a little bit for everyone - FAQs, Release Notes, Getting Started section etc. Here are 3 things to try in the new Lone Wolf Continue Article

A Halloween Spooktacular

As a real estate agent, your work is never done. You are no stranger to spending late nights at the office. And on this particular night, with Halloween just around the corner, something is different and your senses are telling you, you're not alone... Continue Article

VIDEO: Client Success Story with Sutton Group Preferred Realty

Video Transcript: I opened my brokerage back in ’91 and it was just me alone, and by the end of the first year we were up to about 80 people and we have grown up to about 124 agents now with five branches, and we also have three mini-franchises. Our growth since 1991 was all due to a great partnership in ’93 with Lone Wolf. We almost came from a manual system. Oh boy! You talk about Continue Article

VIDEO: Client Success Story with Myrna Park

Video Transcript: What I really like about Lone Wolf in terms of working with my agents and growing my business is it allows me to pull reports and, in the nicest possible way, it takes away the hiding places that the salespeople might otherwise have. Like, “you’ve had this many listings, this many have been expired, this many have been withdrawn, this many have sold, you’re selling Continue Article