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Open House Safety for Real Estate Professionals

Open houses are a great way to bring in more attention to your property. Not only do open houses help clients get a feel of the place, they also help them visualize living there. As a real estate professional, what do open houses mean to you? Great way to meet new clients, perfect opportunity to showcase the property’s best features, close deals faster and more. But among all the benefits of open Continue Article

How to Retain Top Talent in Real Estate Industry

Running a brokerage, like a well-oiled machine, requires time, effort and an efficient staff. Hiring the right people for your brokerage not only brings in money but also peace of mind. I have heard time and again how difficult it is for brokers to recruit and retain top talent in this competitive real estate market.  Hiring the best is hard! Staci Del Re from ERA Real Estate does a great job in Continue Article

The Emerging Millennial Market

The real estate market changes constantly. We have seen different seasons and different trends come and go. These bring about changes in the market trends. A recent study highlights how the largest group of recent buyers are millennials, which is about 35 percent of all buyers. Millennial buyers and sellers are changing the industry quite a bit and Jonathan Deesing on the Housecall blog does a Continue Article

Lone Wolf Business Tips: How to Read Your Financial Statements

Lone Wolf Business Tips is a series of business ideas and concepts that are designed to advise a manager or broker/owner on quick actions that can have a significant benefit in a real estate brokerage operation. Your financial statement is the roadmap to your financial health. Read it like you were heading somewhere. You don’t go on a trip without planning your route and tracking your progress. Continue Article

3 Ways Real Estate Agents are Better than FSBO

For Sale By Owner (FSBO), is very popular in the millennial market. Sellers are technologically savvy and want to save on the commission but the ride might be bumpier than anticipated. We have heard it, we have seen it and I have written about it. But, there are some people who still prefer to take the FSBO route. Wondering how to persuade the sellers to choose a real estate professional? A recent Continue Article

5 Signs your Real Estate Website is Out of Date

No preamble, let’s get right down to it. Here are 5 signs your real estate website is out of date. 1. The site’s design hasn’t changed since George W. Bush was President It’s 2016. If your site’s design hasn’t changed in two terms of office, then it’s also as old as the very first iPhone, the housing market crash, and The Sopranos infamous series finale. In the tech world, there Continue Article

5 Amazing Proverbs on Business Insight

Running a business is like flying a plane. You’re the pilot. You’re trained, experienced. And you’ve got dozens or hundreds of people on board putting their future in your supposedly capable hands. You’re responsible for these people (not to mention yourself!), so you need to know what’s going on with your plane at all times. Any failure on your part might have serious consequences for Continue Article

Best Real Estate Articles of the Month: October

October was a busy month in the world of real estate blogging. I saw some great articles and here are my favorite. Enjoy. A Larger Supply of Housing is the Best Form of Rent Control How to Select a Home Inspector 30 CRAZY Real Estate Images That Will Leave You Speechless Why This Could Be Fall’s Best Home Renovation New Mortgage Rules: Myths and Truths Fall And Winter Energy Continue Article

Sell Homes with Social Media

As a real estate professional, you know things change and evolve. Over the last decade, home buying and selling technology have raced ahead and you need to catch up. Emails have overtaken flyers, advertising has overtaken word of mouth and much more. Social media is one such area where you need to up your game. The buyer market is filled with millennials and they are incredibly active on social media. Continue Article

4 Characteristics of a Good Leader

As a Broker/Owner, you may live and breathe the business but agents are your foundation. All agents, new or experienced, invariably need some amount of training or mentorship, and they look to you for guidance. To run provide this mentorship, you need to be a good leader and not just a good boss. Here are 4 distinct characteristics of a good leader: 1. Show how it’s done When an agent starts Continue Article