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All of a Sudden the Future is Real: Are You Ready?

You realize your trusted phone is three years old and 2.1 versions out of date. Your car guzzles gas like nobody's business, your watch actually ticks and your laptop doesn't even have a retina display. The realization sets in: you're out-of-touch with today's technology. How did this happen? This is not a good feeling! Don't worry. These feelings are normal. You're not out of touch or outdated. Continue Article

5 Inspirational Quotes to Start Your Real Estate Business Off Right

Starting a new real estate brokerage in 2017 or just thinking about it? Treading into uncharted territory can be a trial of your physical and mental fortitude. Sometimes it takes a little inspiration from seasoned professionals to make the dream a reality. Here are a few insightful gems from people around the world: Whether major or modest, your brokerage started with a dream. That dream—the Continue Article

Demystify Social Media Myths

The “In-Thing” in today’s world is Social Media. Social media has become a field where everyone wants to be a master but most are clueless on how. In one of our previous blogs, we spoke about using social media the right way. This blog was a comprehensive guide on what, when and how to use different social media platforms. But before you get too overwhelmed I thought it would be great if we could Continue Article

Is Recruitment Just a Numbers Game?

A new recruit sits in your office. Energetic, eager, Apple Watch. You’ve done your research. You know his numbers. And yet, projecting his success is as fruitless as forecasting the weather. He may be sharp today but what about tomorrow? How does he handle stress? Will he be respected by his peers? How long until he ‘burns out’? To paraphrase Socrates, you only know that you don’t know. This Continue Article

Email Etiquette for the Real Estate Professional

We all know emails are now one of the primary ways to communicate. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a gradual increase in the electronic mail over phone calls or actual meetings. The real estate industry is no different, it has slowly evolved and now has become truly digital. I receive tons of emails every year and I saw some stark difference between emails from different people. Some Continue Article