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7 Must-Know Tips for Hiring a Digital Marketer

Hiring a Digital Marketer
So you’ve heard the buzz: you need to be present in the digital space in order to stay relevant and generate leads, and now you are thinking of hiring a digital marketer. As a digital marketer, I have noticed a recent trend in the workforce. On one hand, digital marketers are highly in demand, and on the other, we are highly misunderstood. It seems that everybody is racing to hire somebody Continue Article

The Ultimate Guide to Branding for Real Estate

The Ultimate Guide to Branding for Real Estate
Real estate professionals, this is your Ultimate Guide to Branding for Real Estate. Today, all real estate professionals must create their own business identity through their branding. Long gone are the days when we could rely on our company name for our branding. If you’re doubtful about the value of branding, consider large brick and mortar businesses who spend millions on branding each year. Continue Article