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5 Business Reasons to Hire an In-House Media Producer

Let’s say you have 100 agents in your brokerage and these agents have 50 listings between them. Each of these listings needs to be marketed online, a process that includes, among other things, top notch photography and video work. There’s nothing wrong with paying a freelancer or production company for this job. They’re the experts and will (likely) give you everything you pay for. But Continue Article

Your Blog and Creating Content That Will Serve You in the Future

As a real estate agent, the idea of starting a blog and finding the time to keep it up-to-date may be very overwhelming. On one hand, a blog can be an integral part of your marketing plan and can help you to build your own brand as an agent. On the other hand, blogging can also often become a time consuming activity. As a busy agent, you may question the amount of time that you spend keeping your blog current if you’re not seeing results. Continue Article

Agent Recruitment: How to Spot a Gem

Great explorers know how to find the hidden gems. As a broker, recruiting agents is much the same. How can you spot a gem from a fake? How do you sift through the sediment of a crowded industry to spot and attract gold? It helps to look for certain qualities, much like a gem hunter digs through and filters the rocks in search of treasure. If you see these 6 qualities, you know you’ve found Continue Article

Part 2: Home Seller Horror Stories – 3 Things NOT to do as an Agent

Selling a house can be as emotional as buying a house. This was your client’s home; they have most likely created many memories here and leaving may be bitter-sweet. Just as it is your job to help your clients while purchasing a home, it is your job to provide support and guidance throughout the selling process. We spoke to a few home sellers about their home seller horror stories and this Continue Article

Part 1: Home Buyer Horror Stories – 3 Things NOT to do as an Agent

Buying a home can be an emotional ordeal; your job as the agent is to help the client keep calm. With Halloween on the horizon, we spoke to home buyers and sellers whose horror stories haunt them to this day. We’ve taken the information they provided and created a two-part blog series revealing the DON’TS when dealing with home buyers and sellers. We start with what not to do when working Continue Article

Leveraging Content Marketing to Generate Leads

As a real estate professional, your leads are your lifeline — you depend on them for survival. So you are constantly searching for ways to generate leads in the most effective way possible.Your search has probably led you to content marketing — currently one of the most popular forms of marketing. Content marketing seems to have taken over, and rightfully so. When done properly, it is an Continue Article

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 signs you’re ready for a paperless office

The concept of a paperless office has been around for a long time but you still haven’t made the transition. Maybe you’re not fully aware of the benefits or you’re questioning if you’re really ready. Wondering if it's time for you to go paperless? Check out the infographic below for the 5 signs you're ready for a paperless office.    To learn more about making the switch Continue Article

The Definitive Guide to Using Images on your globalWOLF Website

We’ve looked before at where you can find images to use for your website, but what happens once you’ve chosen the images that you want to use? There are still some tricks that you can put into practice that will help your images appear the best they can on your globalWOLF website! One of the trends that we’ve seen all over the web recently is the use of large imagery on websites. While this Continue Article