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Part 2: Home Seller Horror Stories – 3 Things NOT to do as an Agent

Selling a house can be as emotional as buying a house. This was your client’s home; they have most likely created many memories here and leaving may be bitter-sweet. Just as it is your job to help your clients while purchasing a home, it is your job to provide support and guidance throughout the selling process. We spoke to a few home sellers about their home seller horror stories and this Continue Article

Part 1: Home Buyer Horror Stories – 3 Things NOT to do as an Agent

Buying a home can be an emotional ordeal; your job as the agent is to help the client keep calm. With Halloween on the horizon, we spoke to home buyers and sellers whose horror stories haunt them to this day. We’ve taken the information they provided and created a two-part blog series revealing the DON’TS when dealing with home buyers and sellers. We start with what not to do when working Continue Article

Leveraging Content Marketing to Generate Leads

As a real estate professional, your leads are your lifeline — you depend on them for survival. So you are constantly searching for ways to generate leads in the most effective way possible.Your search has probably led you to content marketing — currently one of the most popular forms of marketing. Content marketing seems to have taken over, and rightfully so. When done properly, it is an Continue Article

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 signs you’re ready for a paperless office

The concept of a paperless office has been around for a long time but you still haven’t made the transition. Maybe you’re not fully aware of the benefits or you’re questioning if you’re really ready. Wondering if it's time for you to go paperless? Check out the infographic below for the 5 signs you're ready for a paperless office.    To learn more about making the switch Continue Article

The Definitive Guide to Using Images on your globalWOLF Website

We’ve looked before at where you can find images to use for your website, but what happens once you’ve chosen the images that you want to use? There are still some tricks that you can put into practice that will help your images appear the best they can on your globalWOLF website! One of the trends that we’ve seen all over the web recently is the use of large imagery on websites. While this Continue Article

Should REALTORS® Upgrade to Windows 10?

REALTORS®, have you been wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 10? I’ve spent the last 30 days or so using Windows 10. Microsoft has touted the benefits of upgrading and published many articles about the enhancements and usability of their latest generation operating system. I’ll be the first person to tell you that when Windows 8 was released the change was significant. It was so Continue Article

The Top 7 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies Used by the Experts

If you are a real estate professional you’ve probably encountered a near-abundance of case studies and advice to help you generate more leads. There’s a lot of noise surrounding this topic and chances are you’ve felt overwhelmed by it at times – sometimes too much advice can often be worse than none at all. With lead generation being such an expansive and important topic, it’s best to Continue Article

Does Your Online Presence Convey Trust?

Think about the last time you decided to make a purchase. Perhaps it was something small like a new face wash, or maybe it was a larger purchase like a home. Whatever the purchase was, chances are that you went with a provider that you trust. As a business owner or service provider, it is important to understand that your potential clients are also going to make purchases with companies and people Continue Article

INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Things You Need to Know to Be a Successful Landlord

Passive income. Tax deductions. Flexible schedules. The life of a landlord. Sounds like a dream, right? The truth:  Being a landlord is extremely demanding, at the best of times. Lease agreements, marketing, Fair Housing laws, tenant screening, evictions, property maintenance...just to start. All routine tasks. All essential to the successful management of a rental property. For Continue Article