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Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Office Space

Choosing the right office space takes planning and patience.  Your space represents your brand, your agents and your clients.  So choose wisely!  Here are the top 5 things to consider when opening a new office for your brokerage: 1. Does your space give you the option to grow? Many leases are for 3 years, so make sure that the space you choose gives you options should you choose to grow your Continue Article

Stop Calling Me! Understanding the Do-Not-Call List for Real Estate

We are constantly looking for new ways to prospect in the real estate industry. Social media and digital marketing have taken a spotlight in past years as they are automated and more efficient means of attracting your future clients. While we may be focused on newer legislation surrounding communication with consumers via email, social media and digital mediums, it’s important to remind ourselves Continue Article

Continuous Learning – The Secret to Dominating the Real Estate Industry

Continuous Learning – The Secret to Dominating the Real Estate Industry
You spent the majority of the first 20 years of your life in some form of a classroom, trying to cram as much knowledge as possible to get prepared for the real world. And then suddenly, as if to signal the end of your potential, it stops. You’ve learned all you can learn. Now, go try to make something of yourself. When you stop to think about it, the concept seems a little bizarre. The world Continue Article

4 Business Tips to Learn from Game of Thrones Season 6

I love HBO’s Game of Thrones. I also love the novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire that the show is (loosely) based on. Here’s a quick list of relevant business tips we can learn from the recently completed season. Note: this blog contains spoilers. Read on only if you’re completely up to date with the series. 1. Your title does not make you a leader, your actions do Jon Snow leads the Continue Article

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Killer Real Estate Listings

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Killer Real Estate Listings
Here is one of our previous blogs written by Patrick Wiltse. It is always a great time to learn how to write a killer listing. Enjoy! Much of the modern real estate professional’s time is consumed by marketing their services and their listings. However, no amount of time or money spent directing people to your listings will outweigh the value you add to your business by creating these listings Continue Article

6 Tips to Nurture Online Leads

When it comes to leads, you have probably encountered two different types – online and face-to-face. While both represent an opportunity, it important to understand that the processes for converting the two, differ. When you’re standing face-to-face with your lead and you have the opportunity to shake their hand, there are a number of advantages; you develop an understanding of their personality; Continue Article

The Value of Trade Shows

It’s important for new and established businesses to invest in trade shows. Exhibiting or attending a trade show has multiple benefits from increasing visibility to building credibility. Trade shows are a powerful platform for meeting people in the business and meeting potential clients. Here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD exhibit at trade shows. Exposure in the Industry Imagine being in the Continue Article

5 Tips for Better Real Estate Photos

Real Estate Photgraphy
A picture is worth a thousand words. We all have heard that saying haven't we? It’s very true. Whether it’s on a menu, a book cover or on a billboard, pictures convey information far more quickly and easily than words. When a potential buyer is scrolling through your listings, do they check out the best-looking photos first? An ideal way to showcase your listing is to hire a professional Continue Article

What’s In A Number?

Numbers can mean a lot of things.  They can make you happy, sad, proud, angry and best of all, the same number can make five different people experience five distinctly different emotions. In the world of real estate brokerages, we see numbers being discussed all the time. Who has the most agents? Who has the most offices? Who is number one? Who closed the most transactions? Who closed the Continue Article

Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Periscope Viewers

It’s not surprising that Periscope is one of the “it” social media networks right now. With its unique spin on online communication, this social network reached its first 1 million members within 7 days. For comparison, Twitter took 24 months to reach that first million member mark, Facebook took 10 months, and Instagram took 2.5 months. But how does Periscope work? Well, a Periscope user Continue Article