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3 Timeless Techniques to Make Listing Videos Stand Out

Picture this: I’m a prospective home-buyer. On a daily basis, I read scores of listing descriptions and examine every photo. I scour websites and search Facebook and I watch all the listing videos I can find. As a shopper, I want to see something special. Something that stirs my imagination. Something makes me stop what I’m doing, pick up the phone and contact the listing agent because I Continue Article

Top Hashtags for Real Estate Agents

Struggling with those social posts? We all have been in that situation where you reach the end of the road and are clueless on what to post. I have also heard people say what a challenge it is to create relevant posts and tweets; so trust me when I say - the struggle is real! In one of our previous blogs we spoke about using social media, we also spoke about how to use hashtags the right way. But Continue Article

How to Retain Top Talent in Real Estate Industry

Running a brokerage, like a well-oiled machine, requires time, effort and an efficient staff. Hiring the right people for your brokerage not only brings in money but also peace of mind. I have heard time and again how difficult it is for brokers to recruit and retain top talent in this competitive real estate market.  Hiring the best is hard! Staci Del Re from ERA Real Estate does a great job in Continue Article

3 Ways Real Estate Agents are Better than FSBO

For Sale By Owner (FSBO), is very popular in the millennial market. Sellers are technologically savvy and want to save on the commission but the ride might be bumpier than anticipated. We have heard it, we have seen it and I have written about it. But, there are some people who still prefer to take the FSBO route. Wondering how to persuade the sellers to choose a real estate professional? A recent Continue Article

5 Signs your Real Estate Website is Out of Date

No preamble, let’s get right down to it. Here are 5 signs your real estate website is out of date. 1. The site’s design hasn’t changed since George W. Bush was President It’s 2016. If your site’s design hasn’t changed in two terms of office, then it’s also as old as the very first iPhone, the housing market crash, and The Sopranos infamous series finale. In the tech world, there Continue Article

How to be Creative in Real Estate: Don’t be Afraid to Steal

You’re in real estate: should you bother to be creative or leave that stuff to the ‘creatives’? Every profession involves creativity and every professional is creative. The idea that there are some elite and elusive ‘creatives’ roaming the Earth while the rest of us unwashed masses toil in darkness is about as likely as human life on Jupiter. Embrace creativity. I have it. You have it. Continue Article

The Secret to Being More Profitable

How often do we hear how busy peoples’ lives are? Whether it’s a question about how someone’s weekend was or how their work day is going, we hear busy and are supposed to assume it’s a good thing. Maybe I missed the memo but I am not sure when we started to value how little time we have. I look around our industry and I see a lot of hard working, talented professionals. The ones that are Continue Article

The Future is now: Sustainable Homes for the Booming Millennial Market

I get home late and everyone’s asleep.  We’re in the middle of a heat wave, but it’s so cold inside that I know the A/C has been on all day and probably all week. Next month’s utility bill confirms this suspicion.  I walk upstairs and notice all the lights are on, except the one in the hall which would’ve shown me the Lego I just stepped on. So now I’m freezing and my foot hurts too. I Continue Article

How to Master Facebook Ads for Real Estate

The real estate industry, like every other industry is going digital. Millennial home buyers, in particular, rely on technology to give them advice and guide them through the first steps of their buying journey. It’s common knowledge that millennial home buyers use social media and search engines to do their research. One of the easiest ways to target this audience is with Facebook ads. In one Continue Article

Back to the Basics – Quality Vs. Quantity

We see it more often than we would like – a new broker opens up her first real estate brokerage and immediately her mind goes to recruiting as many agents as possible. You may think: more agents, more deals, more money. But there is more to the equation. And really, it means going back to the basics. Did you ever get upset as a child because Billy down the road had more people at his birthday Continue Article