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The Tech Ecosystem of a Thriving Real Estate Brokerage

There is no secret to success. There is no missing ingredient. The key to running a business, and running it well, is in the business' commitment to fundamentals. With the fundamentals in place, the business owner is free to determine what success means to them and able pursue that idea with fervor. Ok, that's great, but what are the fundamentals? Eliminate all the fluff. Throw out the shiny Continue Article

Why Agents Should Use their Brokerage’s Front Office Platform

As an agent, you may be asking yourself – why should I use my brokerage’s front office system? I sell homes! I don’t have time to learn how to navigate a new system that my office uses. Your front office platform will have more to offer than you’re thinking about; not only you’re your but for the administrators and brokers as well. The front office platform that your brokerage chooses Continue Article

Getting Started with WOLFconnect Mobile

From client meetings to weekend showings, agents are needed everywhere, all at once. With WOLFconnect mobile agents can: accept or decline new leads access all of their business or client contacts check out their listings track upcoming showings and open houses It's not easy to be everywhere at once, but with WOLFconnect Mobile it's possible! Continue Article

An Engaged Agent is a Happy Agent – Using WOLFconnect to Increase Employee Engagement

When you built your brand you did so with your external audience in mind. Now, it is just as important to build your brand internally. This means providing an appealing and engaging work environment. When an employee feels engaged, they are more likely to be committed to the organization’s overall goals and values. The same can be said for real estate professionals. Continue Article

WOLFconnect Review on Inman News

Craig Rowe of Inman News recently demoed Lone Wolf's WOLFconnect front office solution and published a review on Inman News. You can read the article on Inman here. If you aren't an Inman-Select member you can read the full brokerWOLF review below.   There’s a higher purpose behind WOLFconnect’s office interaction features Software can help break down barriers to agent-to-agent communication Continue Article

WOLFconnect Listing Reports

WOLFconnect Listing Reports
With listing prices, statuses, and other information changing on often a daily basis, staying on top of your listings can sometimes become a daunting task. To help you, we have many informative listing reports available to you within WOLFconnect, accessible via the Reports icon. Continue Article

WIGO: A To-Do List for Real Estate

Busy real estate professionals, how do you manage your task list? Lone Wolf Clients have access to the powerful What Is Going On (WIGO) organizer, a robust to-do list for real estate that can be found in WOLFconnect. The benefit of using WIGO over a more standardized to-do list app is that WIGO was created specifically for real estate professionals, with their most important duties and top priorities Continue Article