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The Tech Ecosystem of a Thriving Real Estate Brokerage

There is no secret to success. There is no missing ingredient. The key to running a business, and running it well, is in the business' commitment to fundamentals. With the fundamentals in place, the business owner is free to determine what success means to them and able pursue that idea with fervor. Ok, that's great, but what are the fundamentals? Eliminate all the fluff. Throw out the shiny Continue Article

Top 5 Recommendations to Help your Year-End Process Run Smoothly

It’s that time of year again! The brokerWOLF Support Department has compiled our annual top 5 recommendations to help your year-end process run smoothly. Please review the following tips and email with any year-end questions you may have. 1. Update your program Ensure you are on the latest version of the program before you issue your first payroll for 2017, and again before Continue Article

3 Popular brokerWOLF Reports That Will Help Your Business

Do you ever have challenges recruiting and retaining top agents? Use your own data to gain insight into agent success, projected profitability based on open transactions and expenses owed and paid. With detailed reports on each agent, you will be able to make more proactive decisions to manage agents, provide additional training when needed, celebrate successes, share best practices and ensure you Continue Article

5 Reasons Why You Should Use brokerWOLF Hosting

Lone Wolf Hosting is a cloud-based storage system for your brokerWOLF back office accounting solution. With Lone Wolf Hosting, you will be able to access your brokerWOLF system with a remote log-in. You will also have a safe and reliable backup and storage of your data. Here are 5 benefits of using brokerWOLF Hosting, among others: Your data is stored on a secure server in a remote location, Continue Article