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Nick is a Video Producer with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. He’s been writing, filming and editing videos since 2008. Nick enjoys spending time with his partner and two boys, as well as reading, writing and living a healthy, humble life.
Nick Gaede

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail: 5 quick tips for DIY real estate videos

Cut out all the noise about video production. 4k, sensor size, Canon, Sony, Nikon—forget about all of that. When it comes to DIY video production, what matters most is the content you produce and the cost-effectiveness of that production. In other words, what really matters is that you make something pretty and don’t take too much time doing it. Here are 5 quick tips to help you with DIY Continue Article

5 Business Reasons to Hire an In-House Media Producer

Let’s say you have 100 agents in your brokerage and these agents have 50 listings between them. Each of these listings needs to be marketed online, a process that includes, among other things, top notch photography and video work. There’s nothing wrong with paying a freelancer or production company for this job. They’re the experts and will (likely) give you everything you pay for. But Continue Article

Getting Started with WOLFconnect Mobile

From client meetings to weekend showings, agents are needed everywhere, all at once. With WOLFconnect mobile agents can: accept or decline new leads access all of their business or client contacts check out their listings track upcoming showings and open houses It's not easy to be everywhere at once, but with WOLFconnect Mobile it's possible! Continue Article

Why you should use sound effects in your real estate videos

You’re sitting in a theatre. You’re early and start chatting with the person beside you. Over your shoulder you hear whispers of similar conversations and popcorn crunching, shoes sticking to the floor. You come to the realization that you’ll be sharing your personal space with a hundred noisy strangers for the next two hours. But then the lights go down and the trailers start. Everything Continue Article