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Nick is a Video Producer with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. He’s been writing, filming and editing videos since 2008. Nick enjoys spending time with his partner and two boys, as well as reading, writing and living a healthy, humble life.
Nick Gaede

How to be Creative in Real Estate: Don’t be Afraid to Steal

You’re in real estate: should you bother to be creative or leave that stuff to the ‘creatives’? Every profession involves creativity and every professional is creative. The idea that there are some elite and elusive ‘creatives’ roaming the Earth while the rest of us unwashed masses toil in darkness is about as likely as human life on Jupiter. Embrace creativity. I have it. You have it. Continue Article

Google’s Pixel and Daydream Can be Game-Changing for Real Estate Video and Photography

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how the new iPhone 7 could help DIY real estate professionals improve their listing videos and photography. Well, it seems only fair that we do the same for the new Google phone—Pixel. What unique ability does Pixel offer real estate professionals? Is it a worthy competitor for the iPhone? Does it have a headphone jack? What the heck is Daydream? Get all these Continue Article

4 Great Leadership Proverbs for Real Estate Brokers

Leadership is honesty and integrity and hard work. It’s not a mystery. All over the world, the most revered leaders are those who demonstrate a consistent set of values and inspire others to do the same. Let’s take a look at some leadership proverbs from around the world and see how they might relate to your brokerage. 1. Great chiefs prove their worthiness – Seneca Meaning: Leadership Continue Article

The Value of your Value Proposition

How do you recruit new agents? How do you keep the ones you’ve got? Just as agents need to prove their worth to their broker, brokers needs to prove their worth to the agents. Here are three ways to you can use back-office data to strengthen your value proposition: 1. Insight Show your agents how much money they’ve made this year compared to last. Email them their expense statements so Continue Article

The Future is now: Sustainable Homes for the Booming Millennial Market

I get home late and everyone’s asleep.  We’re in the middle of a heat wave, but it’s so cold inside that I know the A/C has been on all day and probably all week. Next month’s utility bill confirms this suspicion.  I walk upstairs and notice all the lights are on, except the one in the hall which would’ve shown me the Lego I just stepped on. So now I’m freezing and my foot hurts too. I Continue Article

How the iPhone 7 Can Improve DIY Real Estate Video and Photography

  Apple released the first iPhone eight years ago. Now it’s 2016 and we’re up to iPhone 7. Much has changed since the first version of the phone but not much has changed since the previous. Basically, the new iPhone is shinier, available in black, and will no longer support your primitive headphone wires. These updates don’t really impact real estate—outside of the fact that you’ll Continue Article

3 Ways That ‘NO’ Can Help Brokers and Agents Attain Their Financial Goals

Your primary goal as a broker is to improve your bottom line. Your agent’s primary goal is to get commission. Neither of you have control over the external factors which may affect your ability to attain these goals, but you do have control over your own actions which countervail these factors. All of us, when confronted with things out of our control, have a choice to make: be passive Continue Article

What’s the Difference Between an Amateur and a Professional Real Estate Agent?

Professionalism is not a status. It’s not a title. It’s not a business card. Professionalism is an ethos, an action, a way of life. You define your professionalism. The economy, the market, the weather—these are things you can’t control. The only thing that you have complete control of is yourself. Every day you define your professionalism. It’s in the way you wake up, get dressed. Continue Article

How to Write a Real Estate Blog

Why should I write a blog? I’d share some stats about how important it is to write a blog, but there’s simply too many to choose from. Check out this list for 45 reasons to blog. In a nut shell, blogging builds trust with your readers which in turn helps convert leads to deals. Can I pay someone to do it for me? You can pay someone to write your blog, absolutely. Someone with SEO knowledge, Continue Article

3 New Video Technologies that Can Transform Your Real Estate Listings

Video is always evolving. It’s an exciting time in the industry, though I’m sure the daily barrage of camera updates is just added noise in the real estate soundscape. There have, however, been a few notable advancements in video technology that you should pay attention to. These are advancements that can yield immediate and long-term results for the proactive, digitally-inclined brokerage. Let’s Continue Article